It all happened so fast.  One moment I had stepped out of the bathroom and the next moment I was speeding toward the floor.  The left foot came down but can’t lock.  I see Grace in the corner of my eye.  She’s too far away to save me.  I landed on my hip and shoulder and cut a furrow through the carpet with my nose and forehead.  I got way too close to carpet that Margo hadn’t vacuumed lately.

Without getting off the floor, I began moving body parts, trying to figure out how badly I was hurt.  This didn’t hurt.  That didn’t hurt.  Amazing.  All the joints worked.  My neck ached but it wasn’t bad. I had fallen through a doorway without hitting the frame or door.  Nor did I hit any furniture in the room.  I landed on padded carpet.  I didn’t have glasses on to break.  Later, I realized I didn’t even bruise.  I tell ya, it all came together to save my skin.  I like to think it was karma payback.

I feel a big flood of relief, until I realized it was blood gushing from my nose.  Margo handed me a wad of paper towels and helped me into a sitting position.  The spurt only lasted a couple of seconds, but darn, a little blood can go a long way.

A good dose of hydrogen peroxide and a sham wow cleaned the carpet, and as I washed my face I couldn’t remove what I thought was a bloody spot on the bridge of my nose.  I don’t know how I did it, but the fall scraped raw a dime sized spot.  I look like I have the world’s biggest unibrow.

Sugar.  Sugar will make me feel better.  That and a couple of pain pills.  Well, one of them worked pretty good.

We studied the reason for my fall because how else can we prevent it from happening again.  I know exactly what the action was.  One drop of water under a heel. Margo thinks I dripped as I walked out of the bathroom.  I think it came from a dog getting a drink and wandering off dripping a trail.  A slip in this area has happened to me before, and I’m not sure water was involved.  Maybe it’s a smoother than normal tile at the precise spot where our foot has to rotate to turn out of the bathroom.  We will solve this mystery and fix the dangerous condition.

Margo has already asked me to bring some stuff to put under a rug that has a habit of moving.  I offered to buy another like she bought for the kitchen.  From the super store.  That thing has to be peeled up like pulling weeds.  It’s freakin’ awesome.  Hey maybe I should get one for right outside the bathroom door.  I’m a genius…Hey Margo… .

It reminds me the danger of stepping out of a travel trailer.  Those short, narrow, steep steps feel like a booby trap.  I stack small boards and levelers underneath so they don’t sink as they are stepped on.  It’s still not enough.  So glad there is a hand hold nearby.

I’ve seen portable rv steps made of wood.  Maybe it’s time to consider them before we go on our next trip.

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I’ve mentioned before that while our little 24′ hitch tip to bumper Koala travel trailer is a fine trailer, it is too small for two people and two dogs, especially when volunteering will keep us in it for months at a time.  The purchase of a new to us F250 opened the door to buying a bigger mobile dwelling.

Several weeks ago, we traveled to Hatch, New Mexico to Franciscan RV to look at a 5th wheel Margo has been salivating over for weeks.  Thirty feet long.  Two slides in the living area which means a big place for the dogs to stretch out.  I looked at that monster from top to bottom.  Found a couple of things.  Nothing to kill a sale.

It has been removed to their repair facility to correct those problem items and all the utilities will be checked and confirmed operational.  In the meantime Margo is taking care of the paperwork.

It’s not that much longer than the travel trailer.  Subtract about four feet for the front part that extends over the truck bed and we are parking a 26’er.  That is only two feet more than the little travel trailer.  We won’t know if it will fit in the back yard until we bring it home and try to park it.  It’s not as tall as those really, really tall units where professional basketball players can stand up straight next to the bed, but it’s not the one that you have to lean over and slide onto the bed.  Definitely would require further tree trimming.  It may be too tall to fit under nearby wires.

If it fits in the yard, we save $30 a month not having to store it; The disadvantage is everyone who drives by will know if we have left on a trip because the 5th wheel will be gone.  It’d also be nice if we didn’t have to start and end a trip with the anxiety caused by squeaking the 5th wheel through the gates, the driveway opening, and almost touching the neighbor’s fence.  On the other hand it sure is nice to have it in the back yard.  Nobody was going to drive off with it without us noticing.  We could pack it early and get stuff out of it.  We could also do a slow unpack.

I think until we get comfortable with backing it up, it will go to the storage facility.

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Going from one person in 1700 square feet to two people in less than 864.  I’ve already started to whittle down the stuff I no longer need when I move down to the Basin.  It’s going to be tight even when I purge successfully.

I’ll be going to Texas soon and have books to deliver to relatives, homemade quilts to Mom’s safekeeping, and a set of golf clubs to a high school.  I delivered many things to a thrift store.  The easiest and fastest way so far is to leave it at the curb with a “free” sign on it.

table saw cabinet fence lock cutout 2016 may 21.jpgI’ve already more than halved my clothes.  My problem is my tools.  Yes, I am a woman who likes and uses tools.  To me a Dewalt drill is as s-weet as a puppy.  I’d rather walk through Home Depot and Lowe’s than the biggest super clothing store.

I cobbled together a benchtop wood shop in the 12′ x 16′ studio.  If I’d had the time, I’d build a rolling cabinet for each machine, like I did to my bench top table saw.  I currently have the other machines on two free desks and Black and Decker workmates.   Came in mighty handy as I was working on the house prep.  If I want to keep the tools, — Ooooh I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do — I’ll need another workshop.  Margo suggested that we build another, but my days of working on roof tops are over.  I think I’ll have a simple yet cute 10′ x 16′ shed delivered.  I can bring all my tools over in boxes then build cabinets and such at a leisurely rate.  Darn, I wish I’d already bought the shed.

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Found this ad

pole van 2017 oct 10.jpg


pole van text 2017 oct 10.jpg

Three fer one price.

If only they would do that for solar panels.

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Two women in spectacular voice for two minutes and 56 seconds.  The video drives me a bit crazy.  Singing in Italian with Spanish subtitles while I understand English.  So I close my eyes and listen…

Bartoli and Fleming, duet in Marriage of Figaro

If you are a fan of Shawshank Redemption you will recognize it as the music Andy plays after he locks himself in an office and pipes the music to the prisoner’s in the yard.  The commenters farther down the page took turns typing snippets of the movie.  Not a jerk comment to be seen.  Art elevating personal experiences.

The music makes everything better.

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bailey canyon 2017 oct 03.jpgWith the house finished and the move to the Basin stretched out I have gone to the mountain again and again.  Each time I turn onto Bailey Canyon Road and each time am awarded the prime hang out spot.  It helps that I don’t go up on holidays and weekends.

I went without baily canyon slope 2017 oct 03.jpgHappyDog one morning after a thick fog had mostly lifted.  Once parked, I rolled down the window to listen for what I had come for — elk bugles.  The fog returned and swirled about, dripping moisture from the trees.  And in that muffled quiet, a bull made calls much too high to come from such a big body tipped with fighting tools thicker than my wrists.  I readied my camera knowing full well that I wasn’t going to get out of the truck and tell him to say cheese.  Would he come this way?  For twenty minutes he appeared to be in the same place, but after that his calls became fainter.  I find it amazing.  Less than two miles from a town, and he is bragging his location.

Monday I returned, this time with HappyDog.  She did a fine job of not wandering which was important since the road is only a hundred feet away.  I believed I heard a couple of far, far bugles.  The rutting season should be about over.  Public lands hunting commences on Oct 8th through the 26th with five day hunting blocks.  I guess that is to give the elk a chance to rest.  If I’d have gone wandering, I’d have put on a hunter’s vest before doing so.

I certainly didn’t want to hear a gunshot nearby. There has been way to much on the news lately.  I think it was why I couldn’t relax and ended up returning home early.

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I am still hunting for an adventure van to go fishing, hanging out, and camping.  I thought it would be easy.  It’s not.  One popped up the other day.  The problems — 224,000 miles and no repair documentation.  No documentation means I don’t know what has been done and if it has a reoccurring issue.  It was government owned so the records will be pretty detailed — if they could be found.  That’s a lot of miles and dancing all over that magic edge where things like transmissions and engines need tearing down and refurbishing.  This particular motor is known as good.  On some brands, the engines are bulletproof, but all the stuff attached to them fail around that range.  Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • limited or no rust
  • high-top or higher top
  • Chevy/GMC 360, V8, engine in good shape
  • less than 150,000 miles
  • repair documentation
  • clear title
  • 1996 and later so I can monitor through obdii
  • 2500 chassis

And if I can get it:

  • side barn doors
  • bodywork in good shape

wheelchair lift wiring snarl 2017.jpgI keep bumping into wheel chair vans which are about six inches too low for me to stand up straight but it’s better than being greatly hunched over at the waist.  Those chair lifts weigh three-four hundred pounds.  How do I get the ramp out?  How do I find and rewire the fail-safe switch that prevents the vehicle from starting when the ramp is out.  Lookit this photo of what was pulled out at gnomadhome.  I’d cry if I had to look at that wiring and try to figure out what to cut out.  Here’s a link to their page.  They appear to be so much more mechanically inclined than me.  I bow to their wrenchdom.  And if I can get the parts out, the extra wiring removed, and the vehicle starts, how do I get the pile of metal off the property if it weighs too much for me to lift?

One fella made a deal with a metal recycling place.  He drove his old van over and removed the lift there.  Then gave the metal to the yard as thanks for letting him hang out until finished.

chevy van low 3500 2017 oct 5I’m thinking I’ll have to break my list down into what I must have and be willing to let the others fall by the wayside.  For example, this rig isn’t higher topped, but it has a lot of good going for it.

It’s bigger than I want, a 3500 which means you can watch the fuel needle race to the left.

Until I make a decision I shall dream of the joys of not having to carry my camping and fishing stuff back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.  Then again, that’s so exciting that I might not be able to sleep.

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