Got a question for ya.  What’s sandwiched between Purgatory Canyon and Deadman Canyon?  Answer — the trail Margo wants to take.

alamo cnyn t104 107 map.jpg

Our next hike should get us to the the intersection of T104 and T103 (orange dot).  From there we could continue up T103 (gray line) to West Side Road.  A 2000 foot rise in 4.3 miles. Not gonna happen.  We will continue on T104 south until it hits T107 (yellow dot).  Doing so will pop us out of the canyon and pass between mountains on the loop back to where we came from.  We’ve been walking along the mountain around which we will loop.  It worries me.  I can’t get a good visual of the trail path around the entire mountain from this topo map.  Could be because I refuse to acknowledge how much work is involved in passing through all those little contour lines.

I opened Google maps and tried to follow the trail by looking for the dim, white colored path.  The trail grew dimmer until I lost it in a particularly ominous area.

What to do?   What to do?  I went back to Mr. Melton’s site and eyeballed that GPX link.  I’m pretty sure it’s the key.  I saved it to my desktop.  A little research tells me to open it in Google Earth.  I do so and get this.  Look at that gorgeous visual.  Now I know where the path is and I digitally followed the trail all the way around.

gpx in gearth look n 2017 dec 26

I think we turned around at the green dot.   Still half a mile to the T104/ T103 intersection.  The mountain isn’t quite that high.  I set elevation exaggeration to 2 to make it visually pop.  Under zero elevation exaggeration it still looks rough.  Maybe too tough for two old ladies with rickety joints.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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