A previous owner of our house nailed some sort of insulated panels to the interior walls of the log cabin portion of the house.  A half beamed ceiling means there’s an addition 2’x4′ section above.  Every section has to be painted without touching the log cabin frames that have never been painted.  It’s an exceptional grade of fir or redwood that has over the years developed a wonderful dark patina.  Maybe we should have been oiling it.  Nothing to that effect in the house paperwork.

prep wrapped roman shades 2017 july 28So I started prepping for painting by sanding, wiping with a wet cloth, and taping every surface that I don’t want paint on.  Margo reminded me of how expensive the Roman shades were so I took painter’s plastic and bundled each one.  Three foot wide painter’s plastic on the carpet.  It took a couple of times to train HappyDog to not step on the plastic.  Poor baby barks out the window from three feet away.

It would have been better if I realized the paint tray had a leak.  I dribbled paint on my shoes, across a rug, the carpet and filled the paint can support on the stepladder. When I figured it out, I carried the ladder out like it was nitroglycerin.  Cleaned up the mess as best I could and, in disgust, said the heck with it and ignored painting for the rest of the evening.

wall dividers painted 2017 july 22.jpgI persevered.  I look like some sort of an idiot because I smile every time I look at the — I must admit — fine job I did.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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