There is a possibility we will become mobile dwellers or long-term travelers.  To that end I’ve been prepping the mountain house for sale.  painted front porch 2017 july 04Target date, August 1st.  Yes, for those of you who pay attention to a calendar — I missed it.  I really should calculate how long then multiply by three.  It would be closer to the truth.

This is one of the things I’ve been working on.  The porch looks plumb naked without the bench and all the other stuff I keep there.

I admit I had dragged my feet on this job.  I knew it the floor was going to take a lot of prepping because previous painters had painted without prepping.

Last year, on the screened in back porch I used a thick painter’s tool to lever the crap out between the slats.  The task was astonishingly hard on my wrists and knees.  I mean no insult to my painter’s tool.  It is a great tool.  When I start prepping for painting, it’s the first tool I painters tool husky 2017 july 19.jpgreach for.  Here’s what I have.  I just don’t want to work that hard if I don’t have to.

The porch is about 40 years old and the wood used was top notch.  I credit the carpenter with selecting well.  The boards are straight and without splinters.  My 5″ sanding disc chucked in my Dewalt portable 20v drill scuffed the top surface nicely.

porch gap gunk 2017 july 02The gaps between boards was another issue.  Combine a narrow gap with wooly pets, grit and lazy painters and what we’ve got are long fuzzy dips which hold water.  Can I just paint over that?  No, I can’t.  Wish I could.

How can I get the crap out between the boards?  Let me try my battery powered Dewalt Oscillating Multi-tool.  Yeehaw.  Within one minute I was shouting for joy and texting Margo.  multitool dewalt 2017 july 19.jpg It was the perfect tool.  In a short time I had removed all the offending grubby things between slats.  The job went from a wrist screaming week to two-three hours.  Followed with a wet/dry industrial vacuum set to blow and finished with a good wash and rinse. Yes indeedy, I know how to prep a porch.

multitool chisels old new 2017 july 19I will say right now if you do use the multi tool, be sure and get more chisels.  I used up one labeled wood and another labeled wood with nails.  Ground the tiny teeth right off of them.  Yet there were very few nails.  I guess it was mostly grit.

I’m trying to figure out how to carry this tool on our travels.  I can use it to chisel caulk and scare cats with the noise.  And how can I leave home the drill?   And the reciprocating saw?

Well, maybe not the reciprocating saw.

With the porch finished, I’ve started on the living room.  Need to pick up more paint, but it’s raining between us and maybe in Alamogordo.  No way I’m going down now.  Home Depot is on the road which floods like a big dog every time they or the nearby hills get more than a half an inch.

Thirty minutes later I’m patting myself on the back.  FB is loaded with comments about flooding in much of the Basin.  It doesn’t take much.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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