Location: Percha Dam State Park, Arrey, New Mexico.

percha dam sp above dam 2017 july 13.jpgMore walking.  We found this cool spot to hang out and fish above the dam.  DotDog absolutely despised the expanded metal floor of the walkway with fast water flowing underneath.  Lotta tall weeds to walk past.  Kept eyes open for the skunk we saw the other day.   The water is slower than below the dams, but still moves along.

A guy still in his nice work clothes is fishing in the best spot.  A few days before I watched him pull out a 20 inch walleye.  I guess he’s staying in the campground.  He’s not as lucky this evening.

percha dam sp mini trailer 2017 july 15.jpg

We liked this tiny trailer.  10′ maybe?  Didn’t want to be snoopy and look indoors, but would have liked to.  We never saw what was used to haul it.  I imagine a 6 cylinder would.  Could I travel long-term in such a tiny home.  No.  Not unless I had an extended truck with a good sized camper on back.

percha dam sp group grill 2017 july 15

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this large steel grill.  It took the both of us to raise the grill.  Shortly after this photo a reunion group took over the facility and the first thing the men did was pile up charcoal and get it blazing.  A couple hours later they cooked something that smelled mighty good.

We leave tomorrow and spend time packing as much stuff as we can.  That way we can get an early start, and we don’t make as much noise.

Went fishing below the dam as the sun started to go down.  Met an old timer who had a double hooked rig with a big weight.  He tossed it into the slack water that curls back around to the water spurting out.  Fish don’t like to waste energy fighting current so they swim in this slower water.  The old timer said he hooked a 30 pound carp and almost got pulled into the river.  A 30 pounder is huge and can definitely do so.

Would we come back here?  Yeah.  I’ll keep an eye on their water release so maybe we can return when the water isn’t as fast.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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