Location: Percha Dam State Park, Arrey, New Mexico.

We woke up fairly early.  Based on yesterday’s hot, hot temperatures, we started our walk early.  Had to walk past the dangerous livestock dog.  It was chained.  The Rio Grande Trail is not very long and meanders back and forth to the river.  It disappears among the brush along the river.  Then again it might go farther.  We didn’t want to bust brush.  Can’t get lost.  You are between the river and manicured cropland.

Met a grandfather, father and daughter fishing.  Three small drum.  Being kin of carp, I’m not sure how good of eating they are.

rio grande trail s of percha path 2017 july 12.jpg

The Rio Grande Trail trailhead is at the end of the primitive camping area, past the kids playground.

rio grande trail s of percha thick 2017 july 12.jpg

Sometimes the trail turned pretty dense.

rio grande trail s of percha fish spot 2017 july 12

There were several good fishing places.  The water looked relatively deep near the edge and flowed strongly.

Margo put the awning out early.  Between it and the tarp tired to the shelter we were able to stay outside until around noon and came back out an hour or two before dark.  We read books and did puzzles.  I finished the ebook The Stranger in the Woods.  The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel.  Writing was good and the subject interested me.

Gosh, it was hot.  103+.  I quit listening to Margo call out higher numbers.  It just made me hotter.

Some bug started biting me.  Teeny tiny little black bugs.  Is this the famous no-seeums?  I think it may be.  The only safe place was indoors.  Margo showed me how to play two-handed solitaire.  I liked it.

I saw a guy at the canal putting something on the guard rails.  Just had to go over.  He was setting a little cart on wheels on top of the rails.  Then he lowered what looked like a weighted anemometer in the water.  He was measuring how much water was going under the walkway for the Elephant Butte Irrigation District.  The water flow has to be timed just right so not too much or too little gets to the fields.

Around 6 pm it was cool enough to go walking.  We walked over to the closest crop field we passed as we drove in.  When we were there in March the field nearest the park entrance had been planted with three rows of tiny onion plants in each wide row.  We’d never seen so many onion plants in our life.  Now, those same plants were full grown and starting to fall over.  Definitely near harvest time.  Teams of migrant workers were picking something about a quarter mile away.  We could see 18-wheelers, tractors, lots of vehicles, and gray things.

Bumped into a quick moving black and white critter as it escaped into the brush along the canal.  Whew!  Our dogs didn’t see it.  DotDog might have given chase.  I doubt HappyDog would.  She got sprayed two years ago and hasn’t been sprayed since even though I think one is in our yard often.  Live and let live is her and my motto.

Before dark a small skunk hunted all around the campground.  As soon as it realized people were nearby it scurried away.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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