Location: Home then Percha Dam State Park, Arrey, New Mexico.

Thanks to the park being not very far away we left around 11.  We figured that if we arrived before our reserved spot vacated, we’d park the travel trailer alongside the rest rooms near the entrance.  Lucky us it was empty.  It almost turned into unlucky me.  I tripped over a cooler and almost fell out of the trailer.  No doubt it would have been an ambulance ride.  I saved myself by grabbing onto the door frame.  Still banged myself up and had to bring out the first aid kit.

Didn’t take long to set up then a chance to explore.  What is that monstrous sound?  It is water rushing over the diversion dam.  Here’s a good article on the dam.   From what I can tell the dam piles up water behind it and while some of it goes over the spillway, much of it goes redirects down a canal to water cropland.

The place isn’t hopping.  About a quarter of the electricity/water sites are occupied.  A handful of folks in the primitive area.  An old fella with the oldest dog I’ve seen in a while.  A woman in a small travel trailer.  I intensely disliked her Beware of Dog sign she had propped on her trailer.  Her large livestock protection dog was UNCHAINED.   She knows she has a dangerous dog but doesn’t chain it all the time?  That’s just stupid.  I will also point out that I couldn’t see the sign from the three directions walkers might be coming from.

percha dam sp sign 2017 july 11

Well, it’s also known as Percha Dam State Park

percha dam sp camp set up 2017 july 11

After arriving, we set up camp.  This is the first time we used the tarp as a sun block.  It worked very well.

percha dam sp dam 2017 july 11

The water called us.  In fact, it was quite loud.  We doubt we could have slept in the nearby sites.  2200 cubic feet per minute?

percha dam sp canal 2017 july 11

Above the dam a gate released water in the canal.  This water would be used to water all the irrigated crop land between the dam and Hatch, NM.

percha dam sp campsites 2017 july 11

Campsites farther down.  Water and electricity.  In the farther spots getting in to the sites is awful.  When the campground is full, the campers must work it out among themselves so they can move their rig so others can get out.

percha dam sp across dip 2017 july 11.jpg

Looking over the dip.  The dogs loved the thick grass.

percha dam sp foliage 2017 july 11

Awesome trees.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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