Margo’s face told me she was going to tell me something unpleasant.  She pulled her hand from behind her back and handed me my Nexus.  Hours ago I had plugged it in and laid it on the travel trailer sofa armrest.  Now, I’m looking at a screen with a starry thousand cracks in it.  She had pinched it in the sofa scissor mechanism.

The touch screen refused every command.  It wouldn’t turn off.  I was very happy that I hadn’t put anything vitally important on it.

It was a flawed yet awesome mini tablet, and I’d resisted the urge to upgrade it even when I could slow eat a sandwich while waiting for it to load.  Lately, it was taking 16 seconds of holding the power button in before turning on.  And that’s on a lucky day.  It was so old that I started downloading travel apps without fear of damaging the device.  It got even slower.  But it made a great e-reader and white noise music player.

Margo was upset that she killed my device.  I shrugged and admitted I was going to upgrade soon.  Darn, my lack of negotiating skills.  I should a gone all dramatic.  Tears and squeals.  Coulda gotten her to buy me a new device.  Guess I’ll buy me a new one, but gosh I hate to do the research.  I’d buy the same Nexus 7 if it were faster and had more memory.  The second generation Nexus 7 fits the bill, but I’m not going to spend over $300 for a device with five year old technology.

I’ll do something eventually, so I’ll have something to take on trips.





About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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