Dang those flies as we sit out on our wonderful back porch and BBQ.  Tired of them landing on me, and I’d have a conniption fit if they landed on anything that comes in contact with food or hands.  I flail away with a fly swatter, but I want to read not hang onto a swatter.  Margo brought out something she bought lately.  Old timey fly paper tubes.  Never used it?  If you had farm animals, you did.  I don’t know what the sticky stuff is made of.  It’s got an attractor of some type in it.  Smells sorta like molasses.

fly paper box 2017 june 26.jpg


fly paper stretched 2017 june 26.jpg

Pop the top on one and grab the little loop.  Tug carefully and a strip untwists.  Don’t let it touch itself.  Be VERY, VERY careful where you put it.  It will stain the sides of houses.  Do not put it low enough to catch heads.  The unsuspecting will regret it for days and days.  IT STICKS TO EVERYTHING and can’t be cleaned with water.  Expect it to move mightily in the slightest breeze.  As I think about it, a small handful of sand in the little tube might keep it from moving around.

It will capture whatever touches it.  Bugs, moths, hummingbirds, lizards.

We celebrated the capture of each fly.  A dozen in a couple of hours.



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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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