Can the world get by without batteries?  Nah.  My spares are rolling around in the kitchen utility drawer, in the packaging on a refrigerator shelf, or in tiny zip-lock bags in my hiking bag.

Did you know you can start a fire with loose batteries?  I’m talking AAA, AA, D, C, even the little coin ones?  Well, you can.  The fire danger hiding in household batteries.  Had a friend drop a coin battery in his pocket while working and almost torched the family jewels.

For years I’ve kept my batteries in ziplock bags or rubber banded together in a drawer.  The ones in the ziplock bags fall over in the refrigerator.  In the drawer the ends might come in contact with metal stuff.  So I bought this… battery organizers.  They aren’t cheap.  Maybe $7 each.

battery organizers 2017 june 29.jpg

battery organizers full 2017 june 29.jpg

Yeah, Buddy.  That’s what I like.  No more rolling around.  No more rubber bands.  No more zip-lock.  Neat.  Metal stuff has a much harder time coming in contact with both ends.  When they are used up, put them in the organizer backwards.

I treat old batteries like they are as dangerous as fresh.  When they go bad, I wrap the ends in shipping tape or drop them in small ziplock bags.  Someday I will need to find a place to take my two peanut butter jars worth to recycle.

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