Found myself a new quick exit hangout spot in the forest for those days and weeks when the fire meter sign outside of Cloudcroft is pointed at “High”.  It’s also high season for tourists, and I just don’t trust the clueless to not set the forest on fire by doing something incredibly stupid like building a 25′ tall fire or throwing hot coals under trees.  That’s in addition to the ones who leave a fire going which volunteer firefighters put out.

The ground is slightly damp which tells me the rains of the last couple of days did not hammer this spot.  The spot isn’t the shadiest I’ve ever been under.  Trees don’t put out much shade when the sun is directly overhead.  I’m thinking that a small tarp with multiple tie-offs may find its way into my camping/hiking/hang out bags.

ribs tx grill 2017 june 08

For lunch today – because it wasn’t Monday thru Wednesday – I decided on Mad Jack’s BBQ, but the long line of BBQ worshipers was winding down the porch and through the small parking lot which doesn’t have room to squeeze in a bicycle.   Darn, his excellent reputation. I will give you a hint on parking.  Go east on NM-82 and park in the back parking lot of the Dollar Store or at the school.

I estimated an hour wait at the minimum.  I will deviate from my plans and sprinkle my retiree wealth to the other BBQ joint two buildings away.  It’s almost empty.  This doesn’t bode well.  $12 for two beef ribs and potato salad.  More financial sprinkling than I wished.

I was unimpressed with the ribs.  I’d say from two ribs I gnawed the same amount of meat as a chicken thigh.  I paid for mostly big bones which I can’t even give to my dog because she can’t digest bones.

ribs bones 2017 june 08

Here’s the bones after the most determined of human gnawing.  They tasted okay, but left me wanting.  Didn’t put my appetite to bed.  Filled up on the potato salad which could use more pickles and eggs.

For dessert I pulled out a purchase I made as I drove by Cadwaller’s fruit stand.  I find it hard to resist fresh cherries.  $6 for about a quart of bing cherries.  Drop the money in the drop box and take what I need out of the coolers.  It’s already boxed and weighed.  They take checks too.  Look toward the road and under the eaves is posted who to make the check out to.

cherries fresh 2017 june 08

The cherries will have stems because they are harvested that way.  The darker the color the sweeter, also.  Just looking at these makes me think I might have to get me more.

HappyDog and I hung out under a couple of shade trees, enjoying my recliner chair all the rage with the RV set.  Turn a book page, grab a cherry.  Turn a page, spit a cherry pit.  I think I lost weight.




view south 2017 june 08.jpg

Nice view.

Gotta walk off some of these calories.  We venture over to La Pasada Encantada Trail build for the visually impaired.  I don’t care if you are blind or not, the signs here are hard to read.   Come in from the west side and you don’t have to pay to go through Sleepy Grass.  The side next to Deerhead Campground on NM-130.

la pasada encanatada sign 2017 june 08


la pasada encanatada trail 2017 june 08

The trail is enclosed with beams so the visually impaired can stay on the trail.

Is the trail used?  Ya darn tooting it is.  Met a blind woman and her husband.  Husband had a good grip on a Great Pyrenees dog.  A livestock guardian dog.   Love em when they were protecting my goaties, but they probably don’t make good traveling companions.  This one would have fit in my truck’s backseat if I left the tail out the window.

la pasada encanatada two tables 2017 june 08

A nice picnic area not far from the parking area.  The bird singing here is outrageous.  Everything sings.  I swear I almost started singing myself.


la pasada encanatada trailhead 2017 june 08.jpg

The entrance. Maybe half a dozen paved parking spaces.

forest service picnic table emblem 2017 june 08

I’m a sucker for the old fashioned emblems.

While I’m here I might as well walk along the road at Sleepy Grass Campground.  Never been there before.  Shady, not too much up and down, little traffic, vault toilets.  Judging from the stuff around an RV, there is a long-term host at this end.  Yeah, I’ll be walking here more often.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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