Location: City of Rocks State Park, NMMap.

hydra trail planned 2017 june 16

Grrrr.  Roused at dawn.  Okay, okay.  I’m up.  Yesterday, we planned to start our hike at Pegasus Campground and drift north then west, coming in midpoint of the rock grouping.  It’s the orange line on the map.

When Margo didn’t get in the truck, I thought she had changed plans without telling me.  About halfway to Pegasus Campground Margo says, “Darn, I forgot we were going to drive.”  No harm done.  In fact, the longer walk would do me good.


hydra trail done 2017 june 17

I don’t know how we missed the split, but we realized we had passed it long after we had.  We continued on and came in at the Botanical Gardens.  A good, long walk filled with rabbits and long views.

We are pretty tired and spend the heat in the travel trailer.  I send invisible Atta boys to the little air conditioner on the roof.  We couldn’t stay here without it.


Margo is already thinking about returning home along another route.  She spreads out a not very detailed map and points.  She asks, “What do I think of taking Highway 61 east to Highway 152 to Hillsboro”?  Here it is from Google maps.

san lorenzo to hillsboro map.jpgOh, no, no, no, no, no.  Around 8100 feet which is 3000 more than City of Rocks.  Last fall I took that road to do some fishing at Lake Roberts.  I got tired of the twists and turns and ups and downs in just the truck.  Imagine what that would be like pulling a 24′ travel trailer.    We’d a been screaming meemies.

We asked where is the closest dump for the trailer tanks.  A host tells us the nearby Hot Springs has a fee dump.  Gotta go check it out because it may be hard to get to.  It’s easy to find the place.  Just look for trees.

An interesting place.  Somewhat hippyish but very pleasant vibes.  Shady and cool.  The employee gives us a map and tells us to wander freely and we do.  It’s been designed to maximize cooling.  Covered walkways, planted atrium, fences, trees.  Shade cloths here and there to cut off even more sun.  I expected to see a big, bubbling spring, but there aren’t any.   A slow drizzle of water from a pipe falls into small concrete pools, most looking like they need a good scrubbing.  Some water is warm, some cool.   Now I understand the purpose of the tall water tanks behind the facility.

There were lots of little turns and twists and a number of private areas.  Their literature says there are 13 pools, but we only saw four.

There’s an RV park in the back.  We drove around to it.  Not very well kept up.  Could use some serious pruning, picking up and fixing up of a couple of old, long-term travel trailers.

I was excited to see they sold camping type things.  Ice, ice cream, candy, charcoal, soaps, soups, sodas, and more.  Of course it’s expensive.  We are 20 something miles to the nearest convenience store.

The dump was a little difficult to get to unless you back through a gate.  Probably easy to do in a RV, but not so easy with a trailer.

Overall, the place is certainly interesting, and they get mostly good online reviews.  Would I stay there?  No.  I was satisfied with the cheaper spot at City of Rocks State Park.

I’ve been missing my favorite pair of hiking socks.  Wigwam, light gray.  Feel awesome.  I tore the house apart looking for them.  Where the hell are they?  A better question is where did I put them that made sense then, but when found will leave me baffled about what I was thinking.  I finally gave them up for lost.  Today Margo was adjusting the pleated curtain on the window of the travel trailer and exclaimed, “What the heck.” and pulls out one of my socks from between the window and curtain.  Of course, I remember clearly what I did.  I rolled them up and shoved them between window and curtain when the wind kept rattling the curtain.  A sock in each corner fixed the problem and I went back to sleep.  Hey, I have an excuse.  I was sleepy.



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