Location: home to City of Rocks State Park, NM.  Park map.

Off on another 2017 travel trailer adventure to add to where we’ve been: Bottomless, Elephant Butte, Caballo, Sumner Lake, and Conchas Lake.  Here is happy number six.

An early start on our trip because the older we get the the more we try to do stuff early in the day — before the body screams “Don’t do that.”  Drat.  Early drat.  The dreaded flashing billboard on Highway 70 west of Alamogordo.  Whitesands Missile Range has priority for an hour, but it’s now 45 minutes past that time.  Traffic isn’t stopped, not even slowed down.  State Police are picking up the last half dozen cones.  All is clear.

The trip took three hours.  This state should be called the Hide It state.  Again, we are left wondering where the point of interest is until it is almost under our tires.  Is that it?  Nope.  What the heck is that?  I dunno.

We pass over a hill and drop into low rolling plains.  Our destination is before us.  A bunch of rocks.  Big, big, big rocks in a big pile.  There’s a little pile off to the side, and another pile behind us on a hill.  Otherwise, it’s like they were accidentally dropped here.

I know that some of you are yellin’, “What are you doing, going to City of Rocks in June?  Don’t you know that place gets HOT?  Yep, sometimes the plans line up that way and ya just got to go with it.  We’ve got air conditioning.

city of rocks campsite 2017 june 14.jpgWe set up in record time, because it’s not exactly cool.  Uh-oh.   Three of the four electricity/water/sewage sites are taken up by camp hosts.  The last was unavailable so we set up at a no sewage site.

It’s not windy so we roll out the awning.  If I could, I would sing songs about awnings.  I’ve only been sitting under one on and off for six months, but I gotta admit I like what awnings do.  And the sun is strong here.  The gentle wind blows hot, hot, then oddly cool.  Just enough to make staying outside under the shade bearable.  If I have to move outside of this 120 square feet, I will melt.

Margo decides to go for a walk and sets off with the dogs.  She returns with stories.  She stopped under one of the stunted oak trees and suddenly the tree top explodes.  She has been feet away from an owl.  She also says she found a bee tree.

I spent the time eagerly following the little rectangle of shade made by the awning.  By the end of the day I dragged the chair in increments from the western front of the trailer, south along the entire length, and around to the eastern back.  I wasn’t a total recliner potato.  I looked at the plants and watched for critters.

city of rocks horned owl 2017 june 14At 6:40 pm it is cool enough for me to want to go for a walk.  Margo agreed to take me on the story tour.  We had to wade through rabbits to get to the rocks.  Forget following trails.  The natural erosion between the rocks has made every flat surface a path and every boulder looks like something wonderful to jump on.  Oh, to be a 12-year old.  Margo shows me where she encountered the owl.  She was lucky.  There’s a fresh regurgitated mouse.  I peek around another boulder to see the bee tree.  A busy horde is entering two feet above the ground.  The bees and I have met before.  They are pollinating the plants near the trailer.

city of rocks rock trail 2017 june 14Here’s a photo to get an idea of the size of the rocks.  DotDog loves jumping on them.






city of rocks more 2017 june 14

Rock babies?

city of rocks water bowls 2017 june 14.jpg

How the animals survive without supplemental water.

city of rocks scallopped 2017 june 14.jpg


city of rocks rocks framed 2017 june 14.jpg

Our mighty TV antenna booster struck out.  No AT&T service.  No wifi.  The plus side is I don’t have to listen to one word of politics.  I forgot to bring a laptop (I know, how can someone forget a laptop).  No DVDs.  So glad I brought books and ebooks.

I am bereft.  For once I was good and brought no sweets.  What was I thinking?  Homemade applesauce raisin cookies could fuel me for many a walk from trailer to chair.

Tomorrow, we start walking.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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One Response to CITY OF ROCKS, JUNE 14, 2017

  1. greg says:

    Those shut-downs of 70 can be pretty annoying, especially when you have places to go, but at least they are good about sticking to the schedule. Been by City of Rocks several times on my way to/from Silver City. One of these days I’ll actually stop there, but maybe not during the summer. . .


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