While in Tularosa, I pass by a house with a high top camper van in the back.  Been wondering if it runs.  Looks in good shape.

So the Sunday before we left for Conchas Lake I was passing the house when the owner was out.  I stopped and introduced myself and asked if he was interested in selling the van.  He was.  The van was in a tight place, but we were able to get inside.  It looked excellent inside.  No leaks.   Carpet was in good shape.  I can stand up in it.

He was honest about the issues.  No refrigerator.  A electrical issue which ran the battery down until he put in a cut-off switch under the hood.  A huge engine.  454 on a 3500 chassis which means you can watch the fuel gauge drop (NCLady made the pantomime of pouring out of a glass when she heard the engine size).  1995 so no OBD port.  And the same price he paid for it years ago.

There’s a small Class C parked on the side of a property nearby.  Maybe I should introduce myself there next.

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