Location: Conchas Lake, Bell Pointe Campground, New Mexico.  35.428573, -104.192930, then home.

Yep, fishermen left early and we heard every one.  After being pummeled by winds for five days, it was calm.  Lucky tournament fishermen were cutting through glass calm water when we left.

We left early so we could get home early.  Were making good time when my somewhat iffy navigational skills caused us to pass the road we came in on, NM129.  Margo stepped on the brakes, the trailer electric brakes quickly slowed us too late.  Unfortunately, we were pointed northwest when we needed to go south.  The road was two lane with no shoulders and no pull offs.  Not a single place to turn around with a travel trailer.  Nothing but rolling hills and the occasional dwelling. There was nothing more to do that go forward.

When we got to Las Vegas we stopped for gas at a full service station.  You heard me right, full service.  The young man said the little old ladies were their best customers.  It’s next to the Smiling Faces Restaurant.

We plotted our next path.  No way we were going to make up lost time.  We decided to jump on IH-25 for a bit and exit at NM3.  That will pop us out below Vaughn.  About 100 yards in on NM3 there were two signs.  The first was an icon of an 18-wheeler and a double 18-wheeler and underneath, not recommended.  Uh-oh.  The next sign was Villanueva State Park.  If there is a state park down this road, how bad can it be.  It means travel trailers and RVs travel this road.  We continue.

The road meanders along the Pecos River and past tiny towns for ten miles.  It’s a narrow valley, so the irrigated plots are quite small.  However, it is beautiful as is all the land along waterways.  We power up a hill and are back in desert land.  Can’t get lost because  there are no other roads until we pass under IH-40.  The road changes.  Margo hit it spot on when she said the road looks like they just laid it on top of the ground.  And it did look that way.  No ditches.  Lots of ups and downs and torsion twisting.  Not a road to speed on.

Seven hours after leaving Conchas Lake we arrived home.  Our wayward journey had come to an end.

Home, sweet home.  Big home.  Lots of square feet.  Low wind.  A dog I don’t have to watch over when I let her out in the yard.  My big, comfortable bed.  A television with a million channels and the internet to catch up on my forums.  Big refrigerator full of yummies.  Yes, indeed, there are some nice things about a sticks n bricks home.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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