Location: Conchas Lake, Bell Pointe Campground, New Mexico.  35.428573, -104.192930.

Friday, our last full day at the park.  Finally, the winds were dying down.  The drizzle woke me with a tap-tap-tapping sound on the membrane of the roof.  The sky was a low blue-gray.  Not going to go walking in that.  Snuggle deep and enjoy the pleasure of the rain.  And it is a pleasure.  I live on the edge of a desert and get to hear rain only about five times a year.  Gotta enjoy it when I can.

An hour later the winds had shoved the gray away and left high puffy clouds.  These turned into squall cells that passed by every hour or so, raising the wind and dropping the temps.  Cabin fever.  We must get out.  We took a long walk around the lake.

conchas lake lounge l 2017 may 19

The lounge/restaurant/convenience store/gas station/bait shop.

conchas lake lounge 2017 may 19

The building is quite long.

conchas lake lounge back 2017 may 19

Back of lounge.  Original stairs fell apart so more to the right.  However, they don’t reach the water either.

conchas lake marina 2017 may 19


Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but the young man at the Corps building said he’d been working there since December and could count the number of low wind days on three hands.  Some places are just like that, I guess.

NCLady left today heading west.  The campground is filling with RVs, bass boats and matching trucks for the weekend bass tournaments.  Very expensive boy toys.  Doesn’t anyone use a simple jon boat with a small motor anymore?  Some of them spent time on the lake pre-planning their fishing spots.

Late in the afternoon, HappyDog and I took a three mile walk past the boat ramps.  Her training is coming along nicely.  The long stay is tough for her.  So is the far away sit and stay.  She comes loping up and asks, “Whata ya want momma?”

As a bonus I found a large crank lure on the side of the road.  Barely fits my hand.  How big of a fish do they grow here that they use such a lure?  We found a smaller lure a couple of days before and Margo found a fillet knife in a sheath.  Yeah, buddy.  Walking pays off.

We go to bed knowing we’ll be awakened at 4:30 when the fishermen head out to their tournaments.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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