Location: Conchas Lake, Bell Pointe Campground, New Mexico.  35.428573, -104.192930.

Ye Gods!  Woke to stinging rain and huge winds.  Whitecaps on the lake, even in the protected areas.  Squirrels yelled “Kowabunga” as they surfed across from the west side.  We stayed indoors as much as possible because we didn’t want to risk having the door ripped off the hinges.  We couldn’t even get in a walk.

I lunched at the picnic table using the astronaut method.  Sandwich in left hand.  Left edge of palm on potato chip bag.  Right hand to drink and grasp chips.  Mis-coordinated and half a bag of chips turned into frisbees.

I returned to the Corps area to recharge my introvert batteries in the peace and quiet.

We hung about in our little 176 square foot home away from home, reading, eating too much and stepping over restless dogs.  Boy, that space seemed small.  Looked out to see what others were doing.  About half get out for some sort of exercise.  A neighbor was lifting weights he brought along in his Class A RV.  A woman bicycles when the wind isn’t bad.  Walking the dog is the most popular exercise.  This is a great place to walk dogs.

Late afternoon I opened the door, stepped out and let the dogs out before properly scouting the area.  DotDog thought it prudent to launch herself at a large mastiff before I could leash her.  Numb nut.  I apologized to the couple with the well behaved big boy.  I guess the secret is to hang the leashes on the door rail.

We were pushed over to the showers.  Water was a bit on the cold side.  Hair was dry before we got back to the trailer.

The winds are supposed to go down tonight. Yay.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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