Location Conchas Lake, Bell Point Campground, New Mexico.  35.428573, -104.192930.

conchas lake hike no water 2017 may 16It’s mighty hard to sleep late in a small travel trailer.  Even shaded, the windows let in a lot of light.  At dawn we tossed a couple of bananas in my pack and away we went to acquaint ourselves with our surroundings.  The water draws us.  We find a gap in the fence.  Looks like a trail to the water.  Watch your feet.  Lots of loose shale.  No footprints other than ours.  We walk until we realize we aren’t getting any closer to the water.  At least the view is extraordinary.  The water is clear the first foot or two then aquamarine.  It’s also a bit choppy for so early in the morning.  Usually winds don’t pick up until around 10am.

South of campsite, B-33, we spy another trail and gracelessly rock hop until we are at the water.  Good place to fish except that the wind would push the bobber to the bank in a jiffy.

Driving, we check out the campground to the south.  It’s like ours, just slightly higher elevation.  Maybe half the spaces are occupied.  It would be a better place to camp since it was closer to the all-in-one business.  However, our pre-trip research told us the sad story of the closing of the business.  The restaurant, convenience store, bait shop and lounge sits closed, the gas pumps locked, the marina with no pier to get to it.  A small boat repair building is also closed.  It’s such a shame that the facilities are going to waste.

We head down to the long beach and boat ramps.  The dogs get to play in the shallow water.

We don’t do much more than laze around the rest of the day.

conchas lake slate walk 2017 may 16

This stuff shifts under foot.

conchas lake post in rock 2017 may 16.jpg

Glad I didn’t have to drill holes for fence posts.

conchas lake n of bell pointe 2017 may 16

conchas lake west cliffs 2017 may 16

Cliffs across the way.  There’s something in the cliffs.

conchas lake blowup across lake 2017 may 16.jpg

Closeup of what is in the cliffs.

conchas lake house boat 2017 may 16

Houseboat.  There are about a dozen or so scattered around.  One of the coves has four or five.

conchas lake mulberry trees 2017 may 16.jpg

The fruitless mulberry trees create excellent shade.

conchas lake mulberry 2017 may 16.jpg

The mulberry trees were supposed to be non-fruiting, but one fruiting one snuck in.  The birds enjoyed the fruit.  We tried some and didn’t find it especially appetizing.



About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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