van chevy express 1996 2017 apr 27

Was driving through Alamogordo when I saw this van at a used/consignment business.  It’s been there for a while.  Perhaps it would become my fishing van although it is lower and heavier than I’d like.

1996 Chevy Van G20. 3500.  V8.  5.7L.  (Gas mileage will suck).  Inside looked good.  Underneath not much rust.

van chevy 20 interior 2017 apr 27The inspection gave me a chance to step into a van with this type of roof.  I couldn’t stand upright.  Needed another 5″ or so.  But it certainly helped the ability to move about and it made it feel roomier.

Look at that awesome color.  Kind of a cross between blue and violet.  I loved it.  I also loved the cubby holes trimmed in mahogany.  Even had an awesome cubby for tissues behind the driver’s seat.

The engine purred.  I was on the last part of my inspection when he started the van so I could hear it.  It was musical.   I’d decided I would drive it over Monday to my mechanic.  But as I’m taking a last front on look I see a drip-drip only a couple of inches behind the front bumper.  I realized we hadn’t started the AC so it couldn’t come from that.  I touched the gravel upon which the drops fell and rubbed it between my fingers.  Oily.  I’m not wanting to do leak repair.  Probably pass.

But it had some awesome features unknown to me who has never been in anything other than a commercial van.

1996 chevy 20 dash 2017 apr 27

Console.  There’s a cigarette lighter and ash tray under the flip lid.

1996 chevy 20 cooler 2017 apr 27

Drink cooler.

1996 chevy 20 speakers 2017 apr 27

Didn’t know I needed to bring cassette and headphones.

1996 chevy 20 back cubby 2017 apr 27

Door cubby.

1996 chevy 20 fold down table 2017 apr 27.jpg

Back door storage and fold down table.  There’s another on the other door.

1996 chevy 20 vac cubby 2017 apr 27

Vacuum cubby.

1996 chevy 20 bed seat controlls 2017 apr 27

Back seat controls.  They work.

1996 chevy 20 gas cubby 2017 apr 27

Back lower storage.  Tire jack.

1996 chevy 20 plate step 2017 apr 27

License plate step.

I shall keep looking.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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