Thanks to a couple of issues I was not able to go with my women’s fly fishing group to fish the private lease or the ranch which I love to fish at.

Look what I missed…


It is a native brown trout of a heart palpitating size.  I’ve never caught one.  This particular fisher has probably caught lots.  She can catch trout in a glass of water.


Not to be outdone, another pulls this beautiful rainbow trout out.  All the trout we catch on the two properties are catch-and-release.  That way they can grow up and get caught by others.  Some are native.  Some are stocked.

I haven’t heard how they did at Mulcock Ranch, but I usually do quite well there.  The place isn’t cheap.  You might even have to be a member to fish here.  How our group gets in is beyond me.  I just fork over lots of cash, say “Thank you, thank you” and “Yippee” a lot.  If you are looking for a freestone river experience, this isn’t it.  You will be fishing among a lot of water weeds.  Fly fishing only, single barbless hook.  Catch-n-release.

The Rio Penasco water is very clear and moves quite fast.

Now I’ve made myself sad that I didn’t go.  I think I’ll get in a trip very soon to fish freestone water.  Here’s what kinds of cold water fish you will find in the state.

Seeing y’all are travelers or full-timers I must warn you.  Don’t go fishing without a license anywhere in the state.  You will be caught and the fine is very steep.  Also there are rules concerning how many you can catch per day and how many can be in your possession.  Sometimes there are rules which say what you can fish with, barbed or barbless.  Get yourself one of the 2017-18 New Mexico Fishing Rules and Info and read it You can find them anywhere you buy fishing supplies.

Happy fishing.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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