Last week we took a trip to Las Cruces, NM to look at a camper van.  Still had some time left over so we went to Anthony, Texas to the big Camping World.  Man, there’s some pretty merchandise on the huge showroom floor.  We, of course, don’t look like serious shoppers, but they are very happy to have us wander around.  Their merchandise department is nice and large.  Unfortunately, they didn’t carry those clips we’ve been hunting for.

map chaparral nm 2017 may 02I’d never been through Chaparral, NM so Margo headed that way.  The town has the distinction of being in two counties, Dona Ana and Otero.  There are over 14,000 people in the community and three elementary schools, a middle and a high school.  I realized I didn’t know much about the place because I can’t see it from I-10 or Highway 54.

We got off I-10 at Highway 404 east until we hit Highway 213 which the portable navigator view shows going all the way to Highway 70 near White Sands.  A couple miles from White Sands we see a sign that says civilians can’t go any further.  Ya see, White Sands Missile Range is a military base.  Sure wish they’d a put that sign back about fifteen miles closer to Chaparral.  Maybe we missed it.  I’ve noticed that google maps street view stops near where we did.

So we went back the way we had come, traveled through Chaparral trying to ignore the navigator telling us to turn south, always south. Then I realized I hadn’t changed the navigator destination since we headed toward Anthony.  The device is a little on the old side.  It doesn’t give me a choice of which route to take so I make it jump from town to town.  It’s not a mind reader?   Once I told the device to go to Alamogordo all was fine as it directed us to Highway 54.

So if you are traveling, be aware that Highway 213 will not take you across to Highway 70 unless you have authorization to cross White Sands Missile Range.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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