Spring sprung over five weeks ago.  So why am I running the heater and wondering if I need to turn on the heat lamp in the pump house?

Last night a storm came in when I was on the east side of Cloudcroft.  Rain which I knew would soon turn to snow.  The closer I got to home the less the rain.  I went to bed expecting nothing so I wouldn’t be disappointed when I woke up to nothing.  I’d been disappointed so many times when there was a reasonable chance of rain.

snow 2017 apr 29Woke up to a slow rain and the Basin hidden under thick, dark clouds.  Half an inch in the rain gauge.  Yippee.  That’s like three inches anywhere else.  Later in the morning it began to snow.  Then rain.  Then sleet.  Then snow again until a fluffy, awesome inch covered the ground.  Four hours later every spot of white was gone.  Only the moist ground tells that anything had fallen.

The hummingbirds were the only birds who were out in it.  I was surprised to see several make repeated trips to the sugar feeders.  Activity = heat I guess.  If snow had piled up on every port I would have felt compelled to go out and clean them off.

When the sleet fell, the hummingbirds moved to the lee side of the tree.  It was a game of life and death dodgeball.  I was so close to one that I could have touched it.

Temperatures will be unusually cold tonight.  Will go below freezing and I’m in the southern part of New Mexico.  I know of mobile dwellers who had already advanced into the northern part of New Mexico which got over a foot in some places.  Tonight even more.  I wonder if the dwellers will tough it out for the next couple of days or they will motor down to warmer weather.  After tonight it won’t be below 40 for the next ten days or so (except for an oddball Wednesday night).



About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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