Location: Pecos Campground, Sumner Lake State Park, New Mexico.  Sumner Lake State Park Map (pdf).

Went to bed with considerable winds and woke to even higher winds.  Today and tomorrow will be bad.

highway 54 view 2017 apr 15Time for me to head home to jury duty.  The drive was happily uneventful but somewhat monotonous.

Stopped at Margo’s to water her garden and show a presence in the house.  By evening, both HappyDog and I were home and pooped out.

The jury was cancelled.  Maybe I’ll have better luck next month.  I’ve waited my entire adult life to serve on a jury and have yet for it to happen.

lake sumner bird singing 2017 apr 16Thought of a couple things to mention.  An awesome song bird serenaded us each morning.  I don’t know what it is.  Here it is on top of a building singing its head off.


lake sumner lizard spotted 2017 apr 18

A lizard busily dug under the railroad ties for supper.


lake sumner trailer door 2017 apr 18.jpg

This is the bane of my traveling existence.  Stepping down out of the travel trailer on metal steps which give with ever step.  I brought out some wood 2x8s we had in the truck and put them under the bottom step (photo before).  No more sinking.  Feels so much more stable.  Margo believes that some squeaking also diminished.  I guess I can call it a modification.


lake sumner basket 2017 aug 18.jpg

I also disliked making multiple trips down the steps so Margo bought this to stuff meal prep items into.

Saw quite a few animals.  Deer, rock squirrel, lizards, cotton tails, jack rabbits.  Heard turkeys and lots of birds.  Coyote signs.

Found the geocache near the exit to the park.

Margo returned on Saturday.  Not only did she make the trip over by herself pulling the trailer, she hooked up, drove home, and turned the trailer around in the back yard.  I called her after her expected arrival.  She got home fine and got the trailer turned around although she does want to move a small tree she planted that makes getting in harder.  What a confidence builder.  We may be ready to back a trailer into a site without anxiety.

Learned something important about the host who doesn’t host.  Seems that problems were greatly reduced with a deputy sheriff on the property.  Now we know.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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