Location: Pecos Campground, Sumner Lake State Park, New Mexico.  Sumner Lake State Park Map (pdf).

fox run trail screenshot 2017 apr 18

Today we would hike the Fox Run Trail next to the Eastside Campground.

It skirts the water.  Lots of rocks, plants, and cottontail rabbits.  Hot too.

About midway through the walk we were totally surprised by a near gunshot.  Shotgun.  Those gobbler calls we heard must have been a turkey hunter.  There is no hunting in the state park but a nearby corner is BLM land where it is allowed.  I hope the hunter knows where the trail goes by.

fox run trailhead 2017 apr 18

Notice the bicyclists must wear helmets.  Within a short distance, it became abundantly clear as to why.

fox run trail all rock 2017 apr 18

Why the helmet is needed.

fox run trail blob on rock 2017 apr 18

This place is a geologists dream.

fox run trail drip 2017 apr 18.jpg

An ancient drip.

fox run trail spiral seed 2017 apr 18

A seed pod.

fox run trail beautiful cove 2017 apr 18

The water was as still as glass.  DotDog needed lots of drinks because being told she can’t chase rabbits is stressful.

fox run trail western grebe 2017 apr 18

A western grebe on a swim.

We return home to cook hotdogs with as many fixins as we can get on them.

It’s a perfect time to take a shower at the comfort station.  Only one shower.  Water was too hot to stand under.

At a campsite we had seen an older woman full-timing in a dark colored van.  How did we know?  It was chock full of the stuff needed for living.  Would have liked to have had a conversation with her, but too tired to go back.  Plus I didn’t want to invade her space.  She passed by late in the evening, probably to take a shower at a comfort station.

An older gentleman full-timer was in the Mesquite Campground in a van.  He hung fruits and vegetables from bags on the underside of the sun shelter.  A fella in a Lazy Daze dropped by and they had a long visit.

We also had a full-timer visitor, an older woman with two Pomeranians who stopped by for a long visit.  She’s a hoot.  We encourage most people with dogs to stop and visit us so our dogs can get used to being around other dogs.  The Poms had attitude and our dogs treated them with great respect.  The owner we did not encourage to stop by was a woman getting dragged around by a very large pitbull.  It reminded me that private campgrounds often prohibit pitbulls.

Nice, quiet evening.  Tomorrow I must head home for jury duty while Margo will stay for a few more days.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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