Location: Pecos Campground, Sumner Lake State Park, New Mexico.  Sumner Lake State Park Map (pdf).

The day after Easter Sunday we start out with a long walk along the shore.  Picked up more trash than we would have liked to see.  We handed it off to a state park employee collecting trash bags from overflowing trash cans.  When he had a load in the little truck he took it to the maintenance building near the entrance where he tossed it in what we think is a trailered trash compactor.  Something went “whirrrrrrr” and he remained at the trailer as it was doing it.

Our ice chest ice is disappearing at a race horse pace.  With dogs in the truck we have to plan our We go to the park entrance to Fisherman’s Hideaway, at the intersection of Highway 203 and Westside Campground Loop Road.  Margo swore that the place was open Saturday.  We get there and find it closed.  Future investigation tells us the owner lives in Texas and only opens every once in a while.  The place is for sale.  Gonna be big bucks because she has a liquor license.   Unlike Texas, where a liquor license can be had for almost nothing, New Mexico has just the opposite law.  Liquor licenses cost many hundreds of thousands which makes it unaffordable for the little guy.   Politicians think it’s a good way to reduce drinking and driving.  I’m not sure.  Fewer liquor stores mean drinkers travel farther to get to them.  Somebody tell me if I’m wrong in this thinking.

We continue on Highway 84 to Fort Sumner which Margo drove through to get to the lake.  It’s my first visit.  It’s a cute, little farm town.  Has a Wikipedia page.  Water released from the dam is diverted to 5000 acres of farmland.  Mighty pretty crops.  It’s losing 2% of its population every year.

Dave’s Grocery is awesome.  It’s the only grocery for many, many miles.  They get a lot in it and it’s well stocked.  Employees are helpful and cheerful.  They don’t sell minnows or booze.  They do sell worms.  Fishing section is very weak, but the meat section is awesome.

Just a short jump away, (left/east on 60/84) two convenience/gas stores are across from each other.  Our 24-footer plus truck can pull in nicely with lots of room to spare.  The Allsup’s/Phillips 66 is open 24 hours.  The Valero on the north side of the road is one of two places to buy alcohol.  I don’t know who the other is.

Nobody in town sells minnows.  Hilltop Bait Shop, we heard, burned down and has yet to be rebuilt.  So bring your minners with you.

lake sumner double tow 2017 apr 16We watch quite the event from our site.  A couple is leaving too late and the ranger is there urging them out.  This is what is causing some of the slow down.  They are having to hook up a large 5th wheel and a large pontoon boat.  It’s the devil to hook up.  All together their rig must stretch over 70 feet long.  Many states don’t allow this.  New Mexico does.

We thought it odd for the state employee to be doing trash pickup for that is one of the tasks of the host.  We usually see our hosts working about and they usually come over and greet us within the first 24 hours.  This one, or two, did not.  In fact, everyone thinks we are the hosts because we are in site 1.  The host is way over out of the way at number 12, which is by far the best view of the campground.  There is a county deputy sheriff truck at the site.

We laid about until evening when we took lots of walks.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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