Location: Pecos Campground, Lake Sumner State Park, New Mexico.

I left about two hours behind Margo who was pulling the trailer and carrying much of our stuff in the back of the truck.  I followed in the car at a speed that can best be described as tootling.  Slow enough to pull over to let faster traffic pass.  Even with Margo calling to tell me what roads she took I ended up on the road to Santa Rosa which added 10 miles to my trip.  I zigged outside Vaughn, but didn’t zag.  Thanks car navigator.  I guess I’ll have to pay better attention to the routes the navigator picks.  No biggie.  Haven’t been this way either.

lake sumner rolling plains 2017 apr 15I might mention a bit about the drive.  It is mighty empty feeling a lot of the way.  In fact, I wondered where I would be fueling so topped off the tank when I got to Vaughn.  Here’s a bloggers take on their history.  There are two convenience/gas stations in the town, a skosh more than a mile apart. Allsup’s, farthest west, is a busy place.  Gas pumps are in front, not leaving much room for anyone pulling anything.  The other, Conoco I think, is at the intersection of highways 285 and 60.  Lots of room to pull in an RV and park.  Pumps are easier to get to also.  Such are the things we have to think about since we are pulling a travel trailer.  This place gets a big travel trailering star from me.

The last hour of the four hour trip across magnificent rolling plains hid an entire river and ended approximately 80 miles east of New Mexico’s geographic center.  I’d spent a number of miles asking myself, “Just where is the water,” and “Follow the signs.  Surely they won’t mislead me”, before topping a rise and seeing the wonderful blue stuff.

lake sumner dam road narrow 2017 apr 15

Wasn’t home free.  Came upon this sight which must chill the hearts of the big RVers — a one-lane bridge over the spillway.   This photo is courtesy of gmaps because the signs said don’t stop on the crest.  Heaven knows I wasn’t going to try taking a one-handed photo while on it.

I knew I was in the right place.  There’s a geocache not far from this spot.lake sumner entrance sign 2017 apr 15

sumner lake camp site 1 2017 apr 15I arrived to this… a set up camp, happy dogs and Margo who made her first independent trip pulling the travel trailer and getting it all set up and not a peep of complaint.  My hero.

Comments about the backwardness of the sites are correct.  Margo made the loop to come in from right to left for the water hookup which is behind the covered shelter and the electricity on the right exterior wall.  That pointed the trailer door away from the shelter and the view.  Nothing we couldn’t live with.  I’m guessing the designers wanted the covered shelter the star of the site and it is.  It made all the difference in the heat and later on the wind.  lake sumner shoreline near ramp 2017 apr 16I tossed my stuff in the trailer and my fancy reclining chair in the shade of the shelter and I was home.

We walked the dogs down to the water.  Much of the shoreline looks like this.  The dogs barreled off into the water and immediately stepped off boulders into deeper water.  That put the end to them doing that.

It’s the Saturday before Easter and the place is mostly deserted.  There is one flat spot next to the water with large group.  Towards the end of the day the Pecos Campground electric/water sites were all occupied.  The Mesquite campground next door with water nearby had maybe four sites occupied.

The Law Enforcement Ranger tells us the place doesn’t get many visitors and that the visitors are a new breed — full-timers.  State finances assure that the Visitor’s Center isn’t manned for the full hours that it is in other places.   Cool artwork inside.  A telescope to look across to the other side.

For the few hours before bedtime, our antenna booster draws in channels which we know nothing about and I will need to research more.  This, Justice and Cosmic.  Old movies.  Some shows so bad our eyes almost cross.

Tomorrow, fishing.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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