Where the hell is …?

Said this the last trip as we were unhooking the trailer.  Where the hell is the two foot length of pipe which is used to release the weight distribution bars?  We can’t take them off until we do.

It’s much too shiny to be overlooked.  I know I put it in the cargo hold.  I KNOW IT.  Standing in that big parking area I just wanted to scream, “I KNOW I PUT THAT D&*$% THING BACK IN THE CARGO HOLD!

pipe helper 2017 apr 06Did I leave it on the truck bumper?  Oh heck no.  The RV neighbor John warned me the day before not to do that.  Did I leave it on the ground?  Again heck no.  I walked around the entire truck and trailer before we pulled out, looking for forgotten things.  It’s a silver baton.  Shines like a new penny.

I pulled everything in that hold apart and out.  Went through every tub.  Fortunately, an RV park employee buzzing by on a golf cart found one for us to use.  As I’m putting the stuff back in, trying to ignore Margo giving me the I-told-you-so-stink-eye (for which I had no immunity), I curled my fingers in anger under the lip of the cargo hold door and BEHOLD! there it was.  By the next day Margo bought a piece of plumbing pipe which goes in the tool bag.  Never will we have to go through that again.

tt clips stabilizer sway 2016 mar 01It is a reminder that we need to pick up more clips.  This is the styles used on the weight distribution bars and sway bar.

Margo carried them around to hardware stores looking for more.  Found one.  Gonna have to find the other.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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