The travel trailer has a factory queen size mattress.  It’s not too bad — if you are young, or you don’t have to sleep on it more than a couple of days.

mattress topper 2016 apr 06Our joints gave their unsolicited opinions.  “We old”, they scream.  (My right hip would like to point out, it hasn’t issued one complaint.  It’s the wonky left).  They demand stronger support covered in poshness.  If comfort cannot be had, they wake growling long before dawn.  In a small space with spouse that can be perilous.

So before the Elephant Butte Lake Park trip, Margo bought a 2″ foam mattress topper.  It arrived in a box that would hold a 5+gallon can and the reasonable size disguised it’s girdled weight.  It was like carrying tightly rolled lead.  When I pulled the wrap off, it tried to pin me.  Fended it off with a couple loud insults and quick blows.

Margo made the bed a couple days later.  Described quite the rodeo since the wheel wells and storage on each side of the bed make it already a tough spot to secure with a fitted sheet.

The wrestling was worth it.  It improved the mattress substantially.

Just in case you are interested.  Here is a household mattress size chart which has absolutely nothing in common with the size or shape of mattresses found in small travel trailers.  Here’s RVing Guide Mattress Sizes and Tips.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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