led wall sconce 2017 mar 01.JPGGotta keep the bogeyman away and illuminate all the little cubby holes which pass for storage on this travel trailer.

This LED wall sconce is awesome.  We’ve had one for five years in a house bedroom where the light switch is in an awkward place. Walk in the room after dark and viola! I have light.  Four AA rechargeable batteries last around 4 months.  Just keep it high enough to not be set off by the pets.

Big and bright, it would be perfect for the cargo hold.  I wouldn’t remember to have to turn it off.  Yay.  But it’s heavy so not sure double sided tape would hold it.  It might have only one screw hole in the back.

We bumped into an alternative while at Costco.

6 puck lights 2017We had two of these pucks left over from putting four of them under the kitchen cabinet.

What a hoot.  Remote controlled.  Timer.  Brightness control.

We put two in the pantry.  So far I’ve left one on over night.  I wonder if I take the household remote I can set it to timer.

Uh-oh, Amazon reviews an amazing 33% claim one star because batteries drain like a new kitchen sink.

We’ll see.






About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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