geocache screenshot electrified 2017 mar 29In previous posts I’ve talked about a great ngeo program which lets me see and download the caches at  I drive around with a thousand in the device just in case I need to stop and get my geocaching fix.

In the mountains you can’t get good phone reception and there’s not a free wi-fi for fitty miles.

If you buy a membership, you see more geocaches and you can download queries that you set up.  With a query I can tell it to show me all the geocaches within X number of miles of a spot on the map or in a postal code, or along a road.  I can find geocaches only with certain specifications, such as underwater or with a terrain difficulty of high.  I download them to my Nexus 7 First Generation.  Now I can hunt no matter how far from civilization I am.  The query may be the most important tool in geocaching.  I get a little tingle when I use it and as we know, tingles come farther apart the older we get.

Then you can log your find to brag to the world and to keep track of how many you have found.  Alamogul of NV has found over 160,000.  What’s a bigger word than amazing?  Amazing tripled?  I’m a spec on a dot compared to her (I’m guessing female).  If you want to log or hide caches, you have to be a member.

Have I hooked you yet?


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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