caulking tt exterior light 2017 feb 01

The travel trailer is a 2013.  The previous owner had used a caulk which is already yellowing and cracking.  You can see it in the photo of the red cover.  I spent three mornings at the travel trailer carefully scraping old, hard caulk from around the lights, cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, and re-caulking with the expensive caulk that experts recommend.

caulk-proflexrv-alcohol-2017-mar-01This stuff.  It’s expensive.  I’ve been told the stuff from the hardware stores doesn’t last long.  Some say silicone caulk won’t let anything else stick to the surface even after you remove the caulk.

I got the most damaged areas done, but I need to return to do some more.  I will point out that working on a travel trailer at the storage location is not designed for maximum efficiency.  Every tool is somewhere else. The trailer is also sitting on a big reflective surface and I was facing a reflective surface.  Got a sunburn.  Needed lots of drinking water.

I don’t bend the way I used to.  I surely wish I’d brought a low stool or sturdy packer for sitting on as I worked on the lower sections.

I’ll be glad when this job is over.




About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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