Ever try to back a truck with the tailgate up without help?  Back up.  Put in Park.  Get out.  Look.  Get back in.  Back more.  Put in Park.  Get out.  Look.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.   Wait I’m not finished.  Now go forward and come back again because you are too far left.  Repeat, etc.   Tain’t easy and it’s a wee bit embarrassing if neighbors are watching.  And if you try to jump out fewer times, it feels like setting $100 bills on fire.

hitch rods and package 2017 mar 23

Margo is grateful she has me to help her back up.  Naw, that’s a lie.   (Actually, we commence our second biggest arguments when she puts the truck in “R”.  She once followed the backing instructions of an complete stranger instead of me who was trying to do it).

Since she plans on camping alone some times or when it would behoove us to not get on each other’s nerves, she searched around for solo trailer back up assists.  This is what she bought…

There are magnets on the red bottom.  After raising the trailer the appropriate amount of height, stick one post on the top of the hitch and one on top of the ball.  The fluorescent rods and tips can be seen above the tailgate.  Drive very, very slowly until the sticks line up, then continue backing up slowly until the ball pole starts to be pushed off by the hitch.  A little fine tuning and done.

We’ve tried them and they work pretty well.

backing helpers on 2017 mar 19

This is before I raised the hitch

Here’s a youtube video on it.  Go slooooowww.  Take your time.  You can do it.

Yes, this is for demonstration purposes only because I haven’t lifted the trailer hitch yet.  In a future post I will extoll the virtues of having an electric trailer jack.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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  1. bucksgal52 says:

    Ha. I’d like to know what our number one arguments are!


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