cabello lake margo relaxing 2017 mar 14

We took the travel trailer to Caballo Lake and stayed in Caballo Lake State Park Campground.  Here’s our site in Palomino Campground, #2, full hookups.

I sure like our covered picnic area.  That stuff was built to last.  As you can see this one had two rocks walls.  You can see the standing grill to the far right.  It was a bit odd to block the table.  One warning about the rock walls — at night you might find scorpions crawling out of a crack in the mortar.

cabello lake removing decals 2017 mar 15While there, we removed the peeling trailer decals – some little, some big.  Here I am giving a final wiping of the old decal area with regular alcohol.  It did a darn good job at softening the glue after scraping off the decal.

At first it seemed really odd to bring two ladders – a mid sized utility step stool and a 6′ aluminum step ladder.  Add that to the small stepladder we keep in the truck to get into the truck bed easier and we seem to be planning to work more than play.

It felt good to get those old decals off.  Whatever will Margo put in their place?


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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