Location: Caballo Lake, Caballo, New Mexico.

cabello lake happydog fetching 2017 mar 15

What you are seeing here is HappyDog trying to bring the fetched stick to shore without DotDog stealing it by intimidation.  DotDog on the left, 15 pounds heavier, four inches taller and a lot faster, is watching HappyDog like she’s a singing T-bone steak.  As HappyDog gets near shore she VERY begrudgingly drops the stick and DotDog grabs it and tosses it around.  She is terribly jealous of HappyDog’s swimming and fetching because she’s scared of water past her belly.

Sometimes Margo held her dog back so HappyDog could fetch without interference.  HappyDog and I sometimes go off together and play fetch.  It’s a real bonding time and I totally get a kick out of seeing my dog smile.

We really liked this spot.  The shore was flat, sandy, and without goat head stickers.

The lake is being filled so we stuck sticks at the water’s edge and would return the next day to see how far the stick was under water.  At one moment in time the lake was gaining a foot of water in 24 hours.  As it filled it spread out so it wasn’t gaining a foot a day when we were there.  It maybe gained 6″ a day.  Still cool to see it rising.

dogs in tt 2017 mar 15Here’s the dogs late in the evening after they’ve had a chance to dry.  Yes, friends again although since fetching started there is an undercurrent of tension from the normally serene HappyDog.  One day soon she may catch DotDog unaware and exact payment for being bullied.

I’m the unlucky individual who must step over them to get to the bed or my closet.  I sure wish they’d curl into loaf size.

When HappyDog and I get home, she tells me she is very happy to spend some quiet time.




About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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