Location: Caballo Lake Campground, Caballo Lake, Caballo, New Mexico
32°54’36.2″N 107°18’31.6″W
32.910054, -107.308765

Time to pack it up and head home.  Where did the time go?

cargo hold travel trailer 2017 mar 23We’ve learned a lot in the first three trips in the travel trailer.  Today began with a re-organizing pack.  Most of the storage is in a hard to access cargo hold and under a bed which has to be lifted.  I cringe when I look in the cargo hold.  Tools scattered everywhere.  This mixed with that.  A spare water hose had sprung free and was taking over.  It was emotionally draining to look in the cargo hold.

pvc bumper storage 2017 mar 23.jpgI pulled everything out and laid it out on the ground.  Then stuff into tubs based on categories and order of use.  Everything to do with drinking water goes in this tub.  Clean sewage stuff goes in a bucket under the bed.  The used sewage parts go in a tub.  Picnic table tub, etc.  I even had a larger tub that would hold the 4-way lug wrench.  The hose went in the PVC storage above the back bumper.

I got the re-packing done and it was remarkably satisfying.

Hooking up was quick and painless.

I knew Margo has spent 5 days worrying about the last stage of the trip.  Today, we tootled past the place we had been storing the travel trailer.  We continued on to the house in Tuli and turned onto the narrow road in front of the house.  Thankfully, the neighbor didn’t have people visiting – they park in the street because he has fenced in his whole place behind a big privacy fence.

She pulled in.  It was a squeaker fit between fence gate and road.  We stop.  Gotta get the dogs out.  They have been so good.  We intentionally didn’t feed them this morning because we thought they might get vehicle sick.  We were right.  They immediately began chewing all the green grass.  We left them to their self-medicating and threw open the double gates.  It’s now or never.  One chance to get it right.  The great big yard looks awful small when you drive 43.4′ of trailer and truck into it.  Margo drove the duo in, threading between tree and our back fence.  Our plan sort of fell apart when she couldn’t get the duo to line up straight.  Yet with a lot of wheel turning and back and forths, she did. Then a big sweep until the truck was back out the gate.  From there a short back up towards the corner of the property.  Came up about ten feet short, but Margo said it was good enough for the first parking job.  I cheered and we sort danced around a bit.  What an incredible driving job.  Truck, trailer, trees, fences are all unscathed and the trailer is parked nicely.  I’m sure Margo’s confidence grew three sizes today. It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip.

The icing was Margo’s young garden didn’t get eaten by the mole or burn to a crisp while we were gone. More on that in a future post for you folks who like to travel and garden.

Here is a YT video from BCtruck, rebuild, repair, repurpose as he explains how to back up a low trailer which I believe is similar to backing up a travel trailer.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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