Location: Caballo Lake Campground, Caballo Lake, Caballo, New Mexico
32°54’36.2″N 107°18’31.6″W
32.910054, -107.308765

We needed more ice so Margo headed back to the grocery.  (We brought really, really bad ice chests).  While she was gone, I emptied the grey water and sewage tanks.  We have full hookups, so nothing to it.

I caulked the window with clear RV caulk – without caulking the window shut.

We rested during the heat.  I haven’t rested nearly enough.  I figure I’d need another week to get in the right frame of mind.

Our neighbors, Larry and Laura, fishing fanatics, left early like they do every weekday to go fishing.  They’d usually return about 2 or 3 pm.  They looooove to fish.  Their energy put us to shame.

caballo campground deep cove 2017 mar 17.JPGIn the late evening, we went fishing in a deep cove I’d been eyeballing.  I didn’t know that getting down to the water meant we had to walk through a field of goat head stickers.  It was awful.  The dogs got paws full.  Then I didn’t catch anything.  On the way back up the dogs got stickers again.  Margo lifted her shoe and there must have been 20 in each shoe.  Poor dogs.  We’ll never go to that spot again.

Tomorrow we head home.  I’m not ready.

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