Location: Caballo Lake Campground, Caballo Lake, Caballo, New Mexico
32°54’36.2″N 107°18’31.6″W
32.910054, -107.308765

How can it be so chilly this morning when it was so hot last night?

Today we would scope out good fishing spots while it was cold.  We drove south on SH187 until right before it passed over IH 25.  Down the road which would let us pass over the dam – but it was blocked.  We took the slight turn to the right and ended up at Riverside Campground.  From what we can see it’s awesome.  It parallels the river after it comes out of the dam.  Not much water, but some.  Big sites, easy to back into while some were pull-through.  Trees, grass.  The only thing they lack is a dump station.  Blogger rvsueandhercaninecrew took some great photos back in 2011.

Barely back on the dam road we turn right into a primitive looking area.  There’s a state park vault toilet, 32.895942, -107.305899, in an open area a darn long way from the water.  I thought it odd to put it so far from the water then I understood.  The water at one time was quite high.

The road took us to some awesome looking fishing areas next to some submerged shrubs.  Been a long time since the water was this high.  We drove in what was probably a marsh in the past.  Here’s the generic gps location which might be under water now: 32.899440, -107.301540.

caballo lake baqueras grocery sign 2017 mar 16

From there we made the most important stop of the whole trip.  Baquera’s Grocery in Arrey, NM.  32.849010, -107.319834 (Google map).  The place is a jewel.  The closest, 4 miles, grocery and gas station to our campground.  It’s larger inside than it looks from the outside. We will need gas before we leave so I ask about the pump outside.  Not only do they have gas, they have 87 grade and it doesn’t have ethanol in it.  It’s real gas.  Don’t laugh.  Old timers understand what I’m saying.  I will point out the pumps are really old so you can’t slide your credit card at it.  You’ll have to get your gas during store hours.  The personable young cashier explains that way customers can put it in vehicles, boats, and OHVs.  I almost sing for joy.  Then we look at the well stocked old fashioned wooden shelves.  They’ve got everything a camper could want- although choices are limited.  Chips, bread, ketchup, frozen foods, fresh meat, DVDs, RV supplies, fishing supplies including minnows, ice, filled propane tanks and $7 boxes of mesquite firewood.  The list goes on and on.  They even have a free book exchange outside.  How awesome is that.

The only thing they don’t have is alcoholic drinks.  They are too close to an elementary school to have such.  The cashier tells us to stop at Caballo Tavern for our drink needs.

caballo lake baqueras grocery fuel 2017 mar 16

Watch out for the low overhang.

caballo lake baqueras grocery ice and air 2017 mar 16

Ice, Air, and Water

caballo lake baqueras grocery book 2017 mar 16

I’ve already got a dozen paperbacks to add on our next visit.

Caballo Tavern is big on the inside.  Friday night karaoke.

caballo lake tavern 2017 mar 16

Screen shot of Google Maps Caballo Tavern.  You can buy beer, wines, hard liquor and ice.  32.873924, -107.316692 (Google map)

How can I fish when I can just sit around and drink and watch the world pass by our site?  I went back to the marshless area.  There I tossed everything I had up and down the shore.  Flies, worms, yellow lures, green lures, rattle lures.  Not even a bite.  However, I almost caught a large carp with my fishing net as it wallowed around in the shallows.  Fishing along the bottom I got caught up a dozen times.  Curses.

Grilled steaks for supper.  Wonderful.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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  1. Old Fat Man says:

    Thank you for stopping by yesterday and telling me of your nice blogsite. Now I have some reading to catch up on.


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