Location: Caballo Lake Campground, Caballo Lake, Caballo, New Mexico
32°54’36.2″N 107°18’31.6″W
32.910054, -107.308765

After the traditional poor first night’s sleep we woke groggy, which remarkably improved by oatmeal and caffeine, we set off separately to do our own thing.  I to the lake to fish and Margo on a long walk with the fur children.

With a wave and an air kiss, Margo disappeared down a hiking trail trying to act like the dogs were on leash, when in fact they were not.  Chances of meeting any other humans — zero.  Her evaluation upon her return was simple: empty, hot and nuttin’ but creosote bushes.

caballo lake beautiful 2017 mar 14Isn’t this a gorgeous sight.  Almost makes me forget to fish.

With fishing pole in hand, I meandered the shore north of the boat ramp like an three-legged elephant, unswayed by a billion, gallon-sized boulders just waiting to roll my feet out from under me.

caballo lake cockleburs 2017 mar 14There are also a million cocklebur plants to grab at me.  For these reasons, I believed I deserve to catch at least one small fish.  The fishing gods were not appeased by my bravery and balance.  Not even a bite.

We met for a late lunch at which time we turned on the travel trailer air conditioner.  It cooled down the space remarkably fast, so we penned the dogs inside and went on a drive about.  We checked the adjacent campgrounds, Appaloosa, and Stallion then went down to Riverside Campground below Caballo Dam.   We haven’t stayed in Riverside, but we think we would like it there.  Lots of space for easy trailering, trees and grass.  They were mowing this day, probably in anticipation of the huge number of people who will be there for spring break.  We also went over to Percha Dam State Park and Campground.  Oh my gosh, those sites were awful for a newby driver.  Basically, on many of the sites you practically parallel park.  In fact some trailers/RVs will have to move in order for the folks in front of or behind to vacate.

We unrolled the awning.  Amazing how well shade can cut the heat.  Margo frowned at the awning.  It’s dirty and a little moldy.  We knew it to be so so we’d brought along awning cleaner and utility ladder.  I weightlifted a drink while Margo worked.  Pardon me while I nap a bit.

{Yawn}.  Darn.  Should have at least acted like I was sleeping.  Hard to do when a dog huffs in my face and might upend my chair if she pulls taut the leash cable.  With my eyelids cracked, I can see Margo on a ladder picking at my godawful caulk job from two months ago.  It’s a sad story.  The first rain after we got the travel trailer home we noticed a small amount of water on the kitchen cabinet.  With three days of rain expected the next day, I quickly smothered the window in white caulk which I had been carrying in the truck.  Oh what an error – no – darn foolish mistake that was.  It looked like I glued an ugly skunk to the window.  On top of that, I had not realized it was a sliding window, and I had caulked it closed.

Sigh.  I got up and took over the task and through persistence and a firm wrist I peeled off the offending caulk.  I cleaned the area with alcohol.  Was too lazy to put RV caulk on it.  I’ll do that tomorrow or the next day.

cabello lake hamburgers on grill 2017 mar 14

My work earned me this…

The hamburgers were wonderful.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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