Location: Caballo Lake Campground, Caballo Lake, Caballo, New Mexico
32°54’36.2″N 107°18’31.6″W
32.910054, -107.308765

It has been only three weeks since our last travel trailer trip when we went to Elephant Butte Campground and Lake (Feb. 20, 21, 22, 23).  Thanks to the very limited water in the state, we have returned again to the Rio Grande River, this time to Caballo Lake Palomino Campground until Saturday the 18th.  There are a lot of services and amenities.  Here is Reserve American’s list of them.  This campground is a hop, skip and jump below Elephant Butte Lake.  I reminded Margo that water we waded in three weeks ago might be water that was laying before us.

We didn’t have to leave early.  The mystery of packing a travel trailer is slowly fading.  I tossed in some 2′ x 3′ x 9″(guestimated) translucent tubs.

Took the pass up to Las Cruces like pros.   Again followed SH 187 through the crop fields.  Most of the very famous Hatch chili peppers have been harvested.  Saw laborers hand picking a field.  That’s some back breaking work.

The most obvious field was of foot tall, remarkably luscious looking onions.  An excellent looking crop.  It should be.  The water below Caballo Lake is redirected to the fields through big ditches.  A few miles south of Hatch the river is but a trickle.

This would be our first visit to Caballo Lake Palomino Campground and Lake.  Margo does the campground choosing and she researches it thoroughly.  We drove in to a wonderful place.  In a jiffy we were in our spot.  #2.  Not far from the water, comfort station (restrooms and showers) and full hookups.

cabello lake view NE 2017 mar 16It was beautiful in the usual New Mexico way – which means without grass and limited trees.  We lucked out with trees but they hadn’t leafed out yet.

It didn’t take long to level the trailer according to the little stick on levels that Margo stuck on the corner of the kitchen cabinet.  Yet, when I entered I was uncomfortably at an angle.  I filled a glass with water to confirm neither tiny level was working worth a darn.  From now on, the 3′ household level will be making the trip.

cabello lake site 2 2017 mar 13We re-leveled and disconnected in record time and blissfully pleasant manner.  I’m coming to understand that campground designers put their electricity post and water posts near each other.  I’ve been taught to not mix water and electricity.  Does anyone hate their proximity like I do?  I figure they do it to save money during construction and to prevent vehicle owners from turning too tightly and running over them.  Ours also had barrier posts at each end.  Considering one of the beautiful concrete tree rings had been squished on one side by someone driving over it – and it wasn’t anywhere near where trailer wheels should have been – protecting utilities is vitally important.

caballo lake boat ramp 2017 mar 13Traveling tuckers us out.  We took a walk to the boat dock.  It’s another one of those very long, fairly wide concrete boat docks.  The dogs immediately jumped in.  Then we hung out at our site.

After dark we found out there was no wi-fi in the campground, and our TV was not yet fixed for DVDs.  We got three TV channels thanks to the booster.

cabello lake chr lights on 2017 mar 13I laid out my solar powered, automatic on Christmas lights across the tops of the rock walls.  Below is a photo taken without the flash.  It still doesn’t show just how fabulously cute they were.  I also hung the solar powered lantern from a piece of wire above the table.  One of our neighbors, Larry, was captivated by them.  I’d like to think the happy lights put a smile on everyone’s face who saw them.

caballo lake chr lights 2017 mar 13

That night we crawl into bed and dream of all the fish I will catch.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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