Several times I’ve hung out in Lincoln National Forest and it began to rain.  Cold rain and hot breath from me and HappyDog guaranteed the windows would fog over quickly.  If I rolled a window down the rain came in.

Then there were the many times, on a really hot day, I went outside to lower a window.  About midnight I’d remember and have to go out to raise the window because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  What if it rains during the night?

rain deflector kit 2017 mar 09

Here is my answer to both the issues… rain deflectors.  I put these on a couple of days before we left for Caballo Lake.   What I got was Auto Ventshade 194040 In-Channel Ventvisor Window Deflector, 4 Piece, Extended Cab Pickups Only.

Some brands fit on the outside of the window.  Boondockers talk about them being knocked off when driving too close to tree branches.  This brand fits IN the window track.

The site made sure I had the right kit for the truck.  They were delivered quickly.

The kit included everything I needed to put them on.  Directions, a little scrub pad to loosen the dirt, alcohol wipes to clean the surfaces, and of course one deflector per window.  I still used a wet cloth to clean the dirt off before following their directions.

Pay attention to the directions because there is one tricky spot when putting the front deflectors on.

rain deflector on truck 2017 mar 09

See the red stripe on each?  It’s the peel strip over the tape.

Here’s when I dry fitted it.  Immediately after this photo I peeled the peel strip off and shoved it upwards.

Directions say to roll the windows up tight and leave them for 24 hours.  I did so.

It’s been two weeks and they work fine for leaving the windows open a crack and nobody can see they are open.  May be a long time before I can tell you how well they work in the rain.


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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