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Of course we took the dogs with us to Elephant Butte Lake State Park.  They were excited.  We were excited.  “Okay puppies.  Get in the back.”  Turned the ignition.  Rev…poof!  The dogs went from barely shedding to atomic bomb release.

We had the windows open a bit so HappyDog doesn’t pant.  It sends dog hair wafting around.  By the time we get to Elephant Butte the dash is full of hair, and we are tired of doing that little spitting thing when you get a hair on your tongue.

So glad I put on the back seat protector.  It turned brown.  By the next day Margo takes it out and cleans it off.  She also vacuums the linoleum floor in the trailer two or three times a day.  Hair keeps piling up in the corners.

The RV neighbors having recently lost their old dog not long before, sat on railroad ties and petted and petted HappyDog.  She showed her appreciation by burying them.  They were so good natured about it.  They didn’t even cover their coffee cups.

We didn’t bring a dog brush, so I plucked HappyDog like a chicken.

seat-cover-bench-boxThe return home was no improvement.  I washed the hair off the seat protector.  I really like this seat protector.  Here’s what I bought: Luxury Deluxe Pet Car Seat Cover, Quilted, Water Resistant, and Machine Washable by Epica.  It cleans so darn easy.  Spray it with a hose nozzle and nearly all the hair pops off.  It’s a perfect size for a car.  In the truck it’s a little short on the sides so they get the seat sides of the back seat dirty.  I also modified it by sewing hook-n-loop to the seat belt openings.  When we don’t need the seat belts I close the opening.

We’ve been home for four days.  Every day I brush HappyDog until we both are tired.  Hair caterpillars from the combs are scattered all over the yard.  I was hoping the birds would need it for nests.  I need flocks of eagles to come get it.

I vacuum the house every day and wear light colored clothes so I don’t look like a puff ball when I go to town.


Seat belt opening stitched with hook and loop

seat protector slot closed 2015 dec 12.JPG

No seat belt opening for stuff to fall through


Before I closed off the seat belt opening


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Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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