Welcome old readers.  Glad you made the switch.  Let me catch the new readers up.

Hi ya new readers. I’ve had another blog for 5 years.  It’s a homesteading, hiking, mountain hanging out kinda blog.  I shut it down last year when it looked like I was moving out of the mountains.  Then I find the blog was being read by one of Margo’s mean, crazy relatives.  For those reasons I built a new blog and intentionally separated the two.  Maybe I’ll connect them, at least until my old readers can find me.  Maybe the followers who are following me just so they can get their numbers up won’t find me.

Because of issues I will not go in to, Margo lives in a little house in the Basin, and I live in the bigger house in the mountains.  If we could move a small mountain and a handful of trees, we could probably communicate by flashlight Morse code.

With the death of a terrier in November, we are down to two fur babies, HappyDog, 6, a Weimaraner mix and DotDog, 5, an Australian shepherd, boxer mix.  In our previous trips we’ve been able to get family and friends to house and fur baby sit.  With a travel trailer, the dogs will be coming with us.  It will be an experience for all of us.  Wait until the dogs get a look at that BIG thing following close behind.  Glad we haven’t gotten a new 3-D stencil of a crouching tiger otherwise we’d have dog necklaces while moving.

We foresee problems.  HappyDog is an untuned squeezebox while traveling.  She pants when she gets excited and apparently just looking at air is exciting.  DotDog is a scardy cat and is a great traveler, but Margo thinks it’s because she is terrified and controls her anxiety by staring straight ahead like a Spinx.

What could go wrong?


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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