I woke not to an alarm but banging trash dumpsters, courtesy of a garbage man who must be catching up on his hours after the Christmas holiday.  Amazing how far sound travels in the mountains.  I got up.  Had lots to do.

We were going on a two day shakedown of our new-to-us travel trailer.  Bottomless State Park Campground at Bottomless State Park east of Roswell, New Mexico.

On the kitchen table was three typed pages, double column, neatly side by side.  My next couple of hours was before me.  I must get all of THAT into an assortment of bags, suitcases, tubs and duffle bags.

I do and drop by the travel trailer and find places for it all.  Then to Margo’s where she looks over my list and tells me she duplicated some of the stuff and darn if she was going to unpack it.  We toss her stuff and the dogs into the truck.  To the travel trailer where we also toss her items in.  How can we have that much stuff for two days?

While traveling back through town we realize Margo’s brand new phone wasn’t with us.  Here we are with a travel trailer that we can’t turn into our place.  Nor do we want to drive down the narrow street in front of the house.  We parked along a little park not far from the house.  She rushes home while I keep calling her phone.  It’s not in the house, nor the yard, nor the driveway.  Then it’s my turn.  Again nothing.  Finally a woman answers and says they found the phone while walking and would bring it. Whew.  Nothing like stress to set the tone for a trip.

Our drive to Roswell through Ruidoso was pleasant.  We are a little worried about the return trip.  It looks to be mostly uphill and we don’t know how the truck will perform pulling.  12 miles past Roswell we turn onto a paved road which one posted had claimed was bumpy.  A little bumpy in one place but otherwise fine.  Signs into Bottomless State Park were not confusing but we still screwed up.  We passed the first entrance because we were paying attention to the navigator.  It’s a lesson learned.  Do a gmaps flyby before going on a trip.  We saw the RV park from the top of a hill overlooking a lake.  Fortunately, we could go in the back way.

Here’s what amenities are said to be there.  I’ve marked in brown the items which were not available off-season.  The orange, well, it’s there but… fishing there is a joke.  I guess we could have gone swimming — in almost freezing water.


A long pull-through awaited us.  The numbers of the sites are hard to see.  They are on the front beam of the covered picnic table.  We find ours and pull in.  It was a fine site near beautiful Lea Lake.  Our second uncoupling but the first for leveling and setting up.  The site was level.  Hooked up to water and electricity.

HappyDog christened the site by immediately throwing up.  She hasn’t gotten motion sick in over four years.  I knew I’d be picking up poop.  Didn’t think about the other.

bottomless-lake-lea-north-2016-dec-28Time to go exploring in the fading light.  The lake looks marvelous.  Let me get my fly rod and there’s plenty of casting room and … wadda ya mean I can’t fish here.  There are “No Fishing” signs!  This lake is a recreational area, minus fishing and motorized boats.  Well darn.  Guess I’ll have to go to the other lakes.  If they are as beautiful as this one we are at a real gem.

We were so tired we fell asleep at 8:30.  Barely paid attention to a mattress which will need some shoring up for these old bones.


About trekkingtess

Retired Industrial Arts and middle school computer teacher. Escaped Texas for the peace and quiet of New Mexico.
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